Link Building for Beginners: Backlinks in a Nutshell

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For a website to be on the first page of the search results, it must first prove it has authority. Having authority is important. First, it shows your site is trustworthy. A lot of users visit your site because they find the information they need. Being trustworthy also helps you establish your brand online. It can be your ticket to being famous on the Internet which eventually grows your business.

Having authority also means you are receiving lots of traffic to your website. You are getting the eyeballs you need for your content to reach as many people as possible. Traffic can be the outcome of being an authoritative site, but it can also be the reason behind the increase in search results page (SERP) rankings. These are the benefits you get when your site has high page authority.

But, a question remains – how do you build authority? Unlike other things on the Internet, authority doesn’t happen overnight. You can find techniques and strategies from digital marketing agency Philippines to boost your authority, but they won’t immediately take effect. Moreover, they can backfire when you don’t execute them properly.

How To Build Website Authority

A site can prove its authority by having other sites link back to it. You can have a bunch of sites link back to you when you launch a link building campaign. Link building or building links is one of the many strategies used in search engine optimization (SEO) to raise SERP ranking. Through link building, you can find quality links that can improve your organic ranking without violating a search engine’s guidelines.

There are no set rules for link building. With creativity, drive to succeed, and willingness to spare a few bucks, you can come up with a link building campaign that helps you gain page authority. Thus, the link building tactic you choose highly depends on your personality and your goals for your website. But in theory, there are three types of link acquisition.

Basics of Link Acquisition

“Natural” Editorial Links

You can get these links by creating content that people would consume. Long-form articles, infographics, educational and compelling videos are some examples of material that users would share and link to give credit. Editorial links don’t entail any action from you. However, you must ensure that your content gets out there to let others know it exists.

Manual “Outreach” Link Building

You can send an email to bloggers and webmasters or submitting your sites to directories. The strategy requires you to explain why including the link to their page, content, or site is in the link target’s best interest. Outreach link building puts your negotiation skills to test along with your ability to sound friendly and respectful in emails.

Self-Created, Non-Editorial

It is a link acquisition tactic that provides links with the lowest value. But when done and batches and compiled altogether, it can provide an impact to your site. Self-created, non-editorial link building tactics include creating user profiles and blog comments. Being active in forums is part of the tactic, but moderators call out or kick users from the community when they advertise or consistently post about their business. Often, the links from the link building strategy are considered spammy. SEOs also get penalized when they pursue these strategies.

What is a Backlink

All of these efforts would result in the acquisition of backlinks. For Ryan Shelly of SMA Marketing, a backlink is like a thumbs up, or a vote from another website to show yours should be trusted, highly reliable, and a valuable online resource. As stated earlier, not all links are the same. Self-created ones and those coming from low-quality sites are unlikely to help you raise your rank. As much as possible, you should have well-known sites or good quality websites link back to you to build authority.

Factors to Consider When Building Backlinks

Thus, you should also consider your link target’s authority besides yours. Link to an authoritative page passes its authority to yours. There is no direct way of finding out the site’s authority or PageRank, but there are tools you can use to check it’s rating. Knowing the site’s domain authority is also a must. You don’t want to be linked to a site that isn’t familiar to users.

Besides PageRank and domain authority, you should also check if the website is relevant to what you offer on your site. If you’re offering cleaning services, then you should link from sites that feature lifestyle and home maintenance. Your target audience won’t find you if you link from beauty products or children’s toys.

You should also consider going local. Ensure to list your website on local directories, have a Google My Business (GMB) page, and government agency websites. That way, people searching within your area or the country can easily spot your site. It also a way for search engines to index your page for local search.

Last but not the least, you should take note of where other SEOs would place your links. Links on footers and sidebars aren’t worth the trouble. You want your link to be in the middle of the page or somewhere in the body. Placing your link via anchor text on any part of the page can be used as an alternative to losing the chance to earn a backlink.

With these in mind, you should find several sites that help you build the backlinks you need. You can use tools to check a site’s page and domain authority. But for the rest of the factors to consider, you must check each site one by one to ensure you are linking from a high-quality, relevant site.

Simple Ways to Get Backlinks

The process of getting backlinks is simple albeit it a lot of time. You have to find the sites to contact, know the names of the people you should reach out to, and know what to say to them. You cannot contact webmasters without having clear intentions. You’ll only end up wasting their time and the opportunity to earn a backlink.

To get your first backlink, here are some link building techniques you can follow.

Social Bookmarking

People like to collect things or look at lists. Social bookmarks allow you to manage links of sites and posts you would like to share with other users. Social bookmarking sites can store these links and let other users see them. Examples of social bookmarking sites are,, and

Blog Aggregators

Other than directories, submitting your information to blog aggregators is a way to get a backlink for free. All you have to do is sign up. You’ll get a code that confirms you are the owner of the site submitted. Once you are approved, your website goes to their list of pages categorized based on the content of the pages provided.

Posting Feedbacks

Review sites can be a source of backlinks. You can submit a page or your whole site for other people to review. You won’t only have loads of traffic coming into your site. You’ll also end up with ideas on how you can update your techniques or improve your site.

Blog Commenting

Building relationships are essential when link building. Posting comments on noteworthy sites and blogs is a way to reach out to bloggers and influencers. The links you get from blog comments aren’t the strongest, but the ties you obtain when you take time perfect the craft is what secures your organic traffic.

Work with Business Associates

You shouldn’t limit your link building to the digital marketing community. You should also reach out to professionals like lawyers, real estate agents and the people that worked with you. You can offer writing a guest post on their site that includes an anchor text linking to your site.

You need to have a lot of backlinks to ensure your site gets traffic. Raising your organic traffic is the beginning of your journey to the first page of search engines. Building backlinks is also necessary to have an authoritative site. You can do this by trying out link acquisition methods and link building strategies. But, you have to ensure you are linking from the right pages. You should keep all of these things in mind whenever you are looking for backlinks.

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