Top Productivity Killers and How to Prevent Them

Admittedly, we are all guilty of procrastination. Who aren’t, right? We usually get tempted to take a “break” from our work, especially when interesting things are happening around us – it grabs our attention real quick. In fact, procrastination is normal, BUT we do not tolerate such character especially when one is working in a demanding job such as digital marketing agency. If you want to keep your career and business, you definitely would understand why procrastination is our enemy at work.

One way or another, we may not be aware that we are already procrastinating at work. Although you may think that there is a need to do something else at work, later you will realize that it is already eating up your time. Obviously, you know the result – not meeting the quota or deadline. With this routine, it kills your productivity which will also result in a poor performance at work. If you don’t want to get fired or file for bankruptcy, then learn not to procrastinate. But the real question is – HOW?

There are a lot of ways or reasons as to why you procrastinate. Again, some things are just too minor that you are not aware of it. And to give you some ideas, we list down the top productivity killers that you might be doing and how to prevent such.

Social media sites

Who would not be tempted not to open their Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and other social sites? Perhaps, there are even some of us here cannot live a day without opening their accounts, right? Yes, it is true that social media is important in our lives. However, social media can also be a distraction at work. Even if you want to glance on these sites for a minute, you will be tempted to extend another minute because you are intrigued by someone’s post. Obviously, a minute is not enough; you still want to extend another minute for that post alone.

Socializing with co-workers

Socializing with your co-workers is not a bad thing at all. It will only be a distraction when you do not know when to socialize and when not to. Coffee break and water dispenser are a common reason why most employees tend to have an “unplanned break”. This gives way for employees to engage in office gossip during working hours. And just like how social media can grab your interest, it hits your curiosity. And if you want to know more about the topic or issue, you need to extend another minute for that.

Personal business

It is understandable that we also have our personal business aside from our work. Since you choose to do your personal business first rather than your tasks, your mind would be so engrossed in checking your personal email accounts, making personal phone calls, sending texts and other personal tasks. And then later you’ll realize that you already forget the most important tasks you need to accomplish for the day.

Excessive or prolonged breaks

Let’s admit, gossiping with our co-workers sometimes lead us to extend our breaks. Most companies have a 15-minute break. But since the topic is getting interesting, it will be hard for you to cut it off. As a result, a supposedly 15-minute break would be stretched to 20 more minutes. A 30-minute lunch break turns into 45 minutes more. How much more when you tend to arrive late and leave the office earlier than the others? Obviously, this is not the kind of attitude you want to show to your boss. Right? Again, if you want to stay and be promoted, show your best work performance.

Unnecessary or inefficient meetings

Whether you realize it or not, some meetings are just a waste of time – meetings that are not adequately planned, doesn’t have any clear agenda on what the meeting is all about, or when the team leader is still confused about his/her plan. And calling out an interview with the employees without any clear view of what the meeting is all about, then this is also one reason why our time is wasted.

How to Prevent Them

Use website blockers

It is hard to control ourselves not to open our social media accounts. Agree? Unless your job is on social media, then it is the right of an employer to use social website blockers to prevent any distractions. This action is reasonable enough since the opening of social media sites is strictly prohibited during working hours.

Implement an internet policy

Obviously, it is impossible not to use the internet when most of the companies are now using the internet as their source of income. That means you have to be clear on the guidelines when it comes to the usage of the internet.

Try tracking software

Tracking software and time management are already proven to improve the employee’s productivity. Since their employer can already track and monitor their time usage, they will be forced to work on their respective tasks. Of course, this is one way to avoid any distractions during working hours. Moreover, it creates more structure and accountability on the things that need to be done at work.

Challenge employees

Whether you realize it or not, long working hours can also be one reason why many employees tend to be bored at work. As a result, they will lose the motivation to continue their work. Aside from the challenging tasks, you can also challenge your employees by giving them a reward when they can show a productive performance on their work. With this method, they will strive and work hard just to achieve the reward as promised by the employer.

Be more visible

One reason why most employees tend to slack off is that they do not see any employers supervising their work. Being visible to the employees does not mean any threat to their work. In fact, this method can increase employer-employee interaction that can lead to a better understanding of the tasks given.

Streamline meetings

Meetings should be an important matter for the company. That means you need to be clear, firm and understand every single detail of the plan and other problems that need to be solved. As an employer, if you are not sill sure about what you want to implement, then you better not call a meeting first since it can cause some delays in their work. Moreover, meetings should be brief and precise for as not to waste your time and your employee’s.

Avoiding these productivity killers is not that hard as you think it is. Although there are just times it may be an inconvenient on your part, just think about what you can do to be more productive at work. With this method, you will eventually realize that it is all about the discipline you do to achieve a better outcome.

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