The Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

Social media has become very versatile in the recent years. People not only post about their social lives online, but business owners who want to put their business at the forefront of people’s mind have somehow infiltrated this online marketing tool and exploited it to their advantage. And it is only incredibly reasonable, seeing as the sheer number of audiences is teeming to the brim. The great number of people lurking on these platforms alone would entice any online marketing agency to get on with the times and follow the trend.

Imagine reaching millions of viewers at the tip of your hand. It sounds all too good to be true, right? Very much alike discovering a gold nugget amidst coal. However, do consider that not everything that glitters is gold. Though getting that much-needed exposure for your business seems enticing at first glance, mull over your options. Remember, for every great advantage there comes an equally crippling disadvantage.

Although, this does not mean to say that social media marketing is all bad either. After all, every business venture carries with it many positive and negative impacts. This article will enlist all possible advantages and disadvantages of using social media as a pathway for your online marketing.

So for those of you who are still rather uncertain as to whether to proceed or not, this article is for you.

Let us start with the pros and see what social media marketing can do for businesses.




Branding is a major pro seeing as other marketing channels may only allow you to keep in touch once per week through email or only when you are requested such is the case in organic and paid search. The frequency of which upon what social media platform you are utilizing (Twitter is limited to fourteen times a day while Facebook supports this ability two to four times a day). With this, you are given the unique opportunity to engage with your customers as often as you can and at the same time brand your company.

Sure, you may have paid for a particular ad to appear on a page in order to be followed or liked. But the key point here is you did not pay your consumers to like your page. They did that all by themselves as they want to keep themselves at the forefront of your product’s developments. Simply put, they want to engage with you and your product through these various social media platforms. Because this is so, they are choosing to associate themselves with your brand. With this, you craft content that is not only relatable to your audience but is also compelling and informative.


Social media is both fun and trendy. Not all consumers are looking to purchase and part with their hard-earned money. They do visit these various platforms to relax, unwind and be entertained. Entertainment comes in many forms and even something as simplistic and basic as an advertisement can be entertaining to them which is an absolute boon for you. Consider how you can make your advertisements eye-catching, visually-appealing and creative all at the same time.

Remember, social media is a platform wherein you have a lot of competition hence your posts are not the only ones your consumers is going to see. Though you must not push sales-oriented content online, your entertaining posts are sure to be rewarded. So with that in mind, do make sure to make your advertisements as attention-grabbing as possible.


Another well-known feature social media has that is praised for its versatility in online marketing is the ad targeting options. This option would allow you to target audience based on demographics and psychographics. Facebook and Twitter have both monetized their platforms through advertising. Both platforms gain something and have a vested interest in having ads displayed before their users and that would give you a high return of investment.

Moreover, it is for this reason that they have given you a rather expansive array of choices for targeting options which you can take advantage of. This would include but is not limited to financial, homeownership, work, relationship status, parents, education level and etc.

After glossing over some of the pros, let’s discuss the cons and see if they outweigh the favorability of utilizing social media for online marketing.




Seeing as competition remains at an all-time peak online, it is undeniable that standing out and garnering the desired amount of followers would prove to be an immense challenge. Your consumers are not only seeing your posts, they are seeing the posts of their friends and family as well, making yours a last priority, if ever. In order to stand out in social media, you need to devote much of your time and effort in making creative campaigns and posts. But even then, there is no absolute guarantee that your posts will not get buried under other innumerable posts.


Though there are a lot of highly successful content (mostly contents with viral quality), it is a bitter truth that most sales-oriented posts on social media are ignored especially those persuasive and pushy ones. And it is rather rare for your target users to log in to Facebook or Twitter with the intent of purchasing something. This could mean that your marketing campaign may prove to be futile. Social media may put you at the forefront of your consumers’ minds and may be a great reminder. However, it does not always generate the results (the sales) that you want.


Unless you are paying to have a designated person to do all the social media marketing for your brand, the posts from your page would most likely be a myriad of different and sometimes contrasting tones and themes. This can get your consumers confused. Plus, it is always better to have a running theme for your posts so that you are easily identified and remembered by your consumers.

These are just some of the many pros and cons of social media marketing though they are the most common. All in all, social media marketing may or may not work to your favor. Keep in mind to weigh your options and decide which channels would work best for your business. Every business is unique and not all business would flourish with social media marketing. If you are one of those companies, there is no harm and shame in that. Instead, put your efforts into polishing your chosen marketing campaign in a designated channel and watch it reward you.

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