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4 Reasons Why Fresh Content is Important for Higher Ranking

Content must be fresh, unique, information-rich, valuable, and engaging. Sounds like a cliché, right? But, it is of utmost importance that you should publish high-quality articles consistently. Perhaps, you haven’t digested the reasons content should be like this for always. Here are the reasons why fresh content is critical. Importance of fresh content 1) Frequent indexing While Google allocates a crawl budget or a specific time to crawl a website, more web pages could mean more frequent indexing. Sites that add new content receive a higher freshness score. For instance, if the Googlebot crawls a website and no new content has been published since the previous crawl, it will increase the time between the current and the next indexing. It will decrease the interval between crawl times if you keep on publishing fresh content. Thus, the more you publish new content, the more frequent the indexing will be. 2) Higher Read More…