Online Reputation Management

Positive brand image means continuous business. We recover your status after facing a reputation crisis especially online. We protect your brand and its values and ideals.

A negative review, for instance, can put your business in a disadvantaged position. Optimind Digital can track brand and keyword-relevant mentions then, take the necessary steps to correct any inaccuracies.

What happens online re your brand and everything it entails can affect how your business operates. How your target market sees you upon looking for your business online can make or break your business, but when it’s negative, the latter is more true.

Online reputation management is not all about recuperating from a tarnished reputation, though.

Your business needs an ORM when:

  • You cannot take control of the conversation
  • You are swarmed with negative reviews
  • Your brand is not represented fairly
  • You have misleading, inaccurate information
  • You tend to hide from criticisms and complaints
  • Your company needs to deal with hate sites
  • You cannot own up to mistakes


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