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10 Reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the power of mobile marketing

1. Smart phones and mobile internet access is getting cheaper

As smart phones/tablets and mobile internet becomes cheaper, more people will own smart phones and download apps. The Philippines is one of the fastest growing smart phone market.

Data released by one of the world’s largest research companies GfK showed that smartphone take-up rate in the Philippines reached 146 percent, faster than Thailand’s 140 percent, Vietnam’s 118 percent and Indonesia’s 30 percent. – Philippine Star

2. Mobile devices are intimate

Majority of smart phone owners practically sleeps beside their phones and checks it when they wake up first thing in the morning. Being part of the apps in your customer’s mobile devices brings you one-step closer to them.

3. Push notifications

Alert your customers with new offers and deals. Greet them on their birthday.

4. Location-based features

One good feature about smart phones compared to other forms of digital marketing is that you can accurately detect their location. By using their location, you can send them offers or greetings based on where they are.

Hizon’s Catering wedding planning app – One of the app’s features is a venue directory wherein soon-to-wed couples can browse venues by location and get driving directions to their chosen venue.
hizons-mobile-app-1 hizons-mobile-app-3 hizons-mobile-app-2

5. Powerful interactivity features

Videos and animation are some of the basic interactivity features of a mobile app. Place it on steroids and you get Augmented reality. McDonald’s Australia has a very good A/R concept execution as shown in the video below.

6. Social network capability

Allow your customers to market for you. Information from the app can be shared throughout social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

7. It’s measurable

Measure accurately the no. of downloads for your mobile app. You can event track acitivites, locations and the user’s demographics.

8. It’s even more affordable than producing printed brochures

Say printing 1,000 copies of a 4 page brochure costs you $1,800. If you need to change something, you will have to throw away unused brochures and spend another thousand dollars to print them. Our mobile app brochures cost only $2,500 to make with unlimited distribution, and you get to put videos and make it interactive as well. Need to update an address or an info within the app? No need to pay thousands of dollars to get this done. Changes like this go as low as $25.

9. Direct path and high attention rate

By being in the phone or tablet of your customer, you have direct access to that customer. You can send him/her offers/deals directly and you are 95% sure that the offer will be read? Why 95%? It’s because of the high attention rate. Just look around your office, a restaurant or a mall and see how many people are interacting with a phone or tablet.

10. 400% Increase in brand retention

Studies show that using interactive campaigns increases brand retention by 400%. Mobile apps can be made interactive by incorporating gamification concepts or simply by adding a Q&A section.

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