How to Make Mobile-Friendly Emails

There is one thing that we know for sure, we are now living in the digital age. That means, more and more people are using smartphones and is still inevitably increasing from time to time. Even you too are already using smartphones – from sending SMS to transacting business. It comes in handy whenever and wherever you go. Who’s still not on the trend? Marketers know so well that people prefer to use mobile devices than using their desktop. Due to its convenience, smartphones are one of the main targets for most digital marketing agencies who want to expand their niche. Basically, there are hundreds of strategies you can think of to upgrade your business in the mobile era. And one of those strategies is the email marketing. When it comes to mobile-friendly emails, you have to think of your audience – on how convenient for them to open or use it. Unfortunately, not all marketers are able to achieve a desirable result. Yes, your emails may be responsive, but not all of them renders well with your audience’s devices. There’s a big difference between a responsive from mobile-friendly emails. “Responsive” designs show the different code to the email client based on that device information and know which kind of device they are using. Basically, responsive design is more into sophisticated stuff. On the other hand, most successful companies prefer for a simpler approach which is the mobile-friendly design on emails. To give you an idea, below are some useful tips for mobile-friendly emails.

1. Optimize for a 3-second read

As a marketer, you have to remember that your readers will only spend a 3-second read or less with your emails. Not to count people who haven’t read at all, and subscribers who haven’t opened their emails yet. Generally, emails you see on your desktop are most likely the same with your mobile. However, it is a matter of how optimized it is to let your audience engage in your emails. That means, the deciding factor of your audience on whether or not they will stay or leave your emails will depend on their assessment of how easy and friendly it is to the users.

2. Keep subject lines short

People have short attention span. If they are not intrigued or interested enough with your subject, then there will be thin chances that they will open and read it. It is not hard to get away with longer lines if you know how. Basically, you have to put the most important information first and then the details on at the end. But here’s the catch, it is advisable to have 30 characters for mobile email subject lines. This may be a challenge, but it is effective enough to grab their interests.

3. Use preheader text

Space below the subject line is allocated for pre-header text. Your preheader text is valuable, where this is one of the deciding factors on whether or not your audience will read it. That means don’t waste the space by asking them to “click this link when you can’t open the email”. Just like your subject lines, you need to put the most important information first. With that, your audience will have the idea of what your email is all about.

4. Keep email messages short

When writing your email messages, you have to break into the habit of including flowery words. It is definitely a must for each marketer to know who to be direct to every detail that they want to convey to their audience. Moreover, your messages should be short since speed matters (3-second rule) in the context of mobile email. And don’t forget to grab their interests. You also have to make sure you have already included all the important details in that short message.

5. Make the type size readable

This is one of the mistakes most marketers failed to consider. Your audience will definitely have a hard time typing and reading the messages when you have a tiny font size. If you are one of those marketers, why don’t you follow Apple’s email design where they have at least 16-point type for body copy and 22-point type for the headlines? When you have a readable font, your audience can easily understand the message you sent to them.

6. Think horizontal and vertical

There’s one thing for sure, your audience is not reading your emails sideways on their desktops and laptops. On the other hand, people can read it on their mobile phones when you include a vertical feature in your email design. When going mobile-friendly, you have to consider having your emails to look good in both portrait and landscape view.

7. Keep images small

Including of images are good. In fact, it is one way you can grab your audience’s interest. You have to remember that speed matters. If you have a huge image on your email, it’s not going to load fast, unless you have a good internet connection and a high-end smartphone. To make the pictures load fast, it is advisable to make the size 5-65kb per image. Again, you have to follow the 3-second rule. Here’s a bonus: Since people naturally admire visuals, make the images clickable to increase click-through rates.

8. Limit navigation

Always remember that you are aiming for a mobile-friendly email. That means you have to make sure that there are no complicated navigations where your audience needs to go or click just to find your messages. Make your email simple where you have to limit the navigations. Often times, navigations are useless when you want it to be simple and accessible. Moreover, don’t forget to have a clickable logo and a call to action on the right side of the header. Just make sure that those functions are not a distraction to your audience.

9. Make your call to actions clickable

Make your call to action easy to click. This is one of the features you should never forget to include in your email. Generally, the minimum recommended “clickable” size is 44 x 44 pixels with 10 pixels of spaces around them. With this, the more convenient it is, the more people would love to engage in your business.

10. Make your social media icons clickable

Aside from making your call to actions clickable, you also have to make sure that all the icons that you want them to click are visible and functional. Don’t give your audience a hard time finding where they could click the link or share your email with their friends. Also, icons can help boost the traffic rate. So, don’t forget to optimize it. There are actually a lot of ways or strategies you can use to optimize your emails. Of course, you also have to make sure to follow basic guidelines if you want to have a mobile-friendly email. When you understand and know how it will be much easier for you to personalize emails to make it more profitable.

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