How to Become a Social Media Influencer

“How do I get more followers on social media?”

It’s a common question shared by a lot of people especially bloggers, content marketers and private entrepreneurs relying mainly on online marketing for their product promotion and publicity. Even private individuals who do not necessarily run any business seek to become someone in the online world.


In business, having a lot of followers has already become a major determining factor whether or not new prospect clients should consider dealing with you. The real challenge is not just even on how you would attract followers but on how you keep them on your side.

Being a proven social media influencer both for internet marketing agency and for personal purpose is a good way to get more followers. Below are ways on how you can build such reputation.

Choose your preferred platform.

What social media avenue would you like to use? Do you want to be a figure in Facebook or is Twitter a better platform? Of course, you have the option to run multiple ones. However, it is vital that you make sure of your ability to monitor each account without sacrificing another.

The basic rule of thumb is to identify which platform your target clients are often hanging out and where you are comfortable sharing different information.

Post quality content regularly.

Once you have picked the avenue to connect, the next challenge is to consistently post relevant content. Being typically present, talking about related things on your chosen subject eventually makes you an influencer. It is not automatic, though. However, do know that all influencers do not fail to provide something.

It does not need to be something they created. Even sharing relevant content from other authority sites is already a good start.

Focus on a niche.

What do you want to talk about? Are you trying to promote a product or service or just building a name on your field of interest? They both have a different approach. However, they all work under the same premise – to provide content relevant to what you are promoting.

Answer questions.

The more you become active on social media, the higher the likability of you, attracting people to engage. One good way to build a name is to spend some time answering questions from those who directly address some questions at you.

Engagement is a vital key to forging a real reputation. Never ignore a simple question. You wouldn’t know how much of what you answer can help that person.

Join group discussions.

Groups are primarily common on Facebook. There are those that are run privately while others are public. Strive to find some that focus on the same interest that you have. Joining group discussions is an excellent way to meet other people who share the same passion and who might want to do a collaborative project with you.

Know what’s trending on your niche.

Being an authority also means that you are relevant, and you can do this by knowing what makes your market tick. For example, if you are building a name as an Android app reviewer, then getting updates on the hottest apps at Google Play store is a must.

Knowing the trend and posting contents relevant to them add up to your credibility.

Sport a consistent personality.

You might not have thought about this so much, but your social media posts can reflect a certain degree of your character. One key to being an influencer is to remain true to yourself. Speak in a manner that you want your message to be heard.

Share opinions.

There is a lot of stigmas when it comes to people who are very vocal on what they believe. Some are even criticized for their views. However, you should also keep in mind that having sound and strong opinion is a key to building your name.


You do not just get popular and well-followed if you kept on saying what other people have already pointed out. Surely, you have your personal perspective on things. Let others know about something new you can offer on the table and see how well the other opinionated influencers respond.

Question the status quo.

This is highly related to the previous one. However, instead of just stating your opinion about an issue, this one challenges the existing view of the status quo. It is not good to get into a fight online and let the whole world know about it.

However, it also doesn’t hurt to question an issue especially if you have a high point to back it up. Being different is also one factor that leads you to get known.

Join communities.

It’s much like with groups but more expansive. Communities are organized to cater a lot of things such as common interests, events, fandom and more. It has a global reach and is more dynamic compared to groups. Find communities that are relevant to what you promote and engage with its members.

Aside from getting tons of information about gatherings and possible seminars, it is also a good avenue to grow your network.

Read and comment on other influencer’s posts.

Last but not the least, do take time to check out the works of other influencers who are on the same field of interest as you do. Drop a comment or share their notable posts. It increases your chance of getting noticed by personalities who have already built a name.


Just make sure to mean what you comment. Sincerity is basic etiquette even on the online arena. Comment on posts you really like.

A social media influencer is someone who gets people to act without necessarily telling them how to do it directly. He is someone who has sound views on specific topics and is active in joining discussions with other online personalities.

Becoming one isn’t as easy as pie, and other than familiarity with SM platforms, the ability to stay disciplined in providing regular posts has been proven to be a constant struggle. The good news is, you don’t have to hold a masters degree or even work at prominent companies like Google and Apple to build a name in social media.

Everyone can be an influencer. The question is, do you want to be?

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