How To Be A Competitive Digital Marketer

In this time and age where pretty much everyone wants to stay connected and online all the time, digital marketing strategies are always on the rise.  And with online technology that maintains a steady amount of progress from day to day, what is a digital marketing agency to do with? It evolves along with the times of course! And now, midway through 2015, digital marketing companies should take that chance to tweak strategies that don’t work, polish those that do and innovate more creative ways to generate more traffic. It is a reality that this generation has yielded consumers who have wielded the power of self-education, where a wealth of information is readily available at a single click of their fingers. Long before the dawn of Internet and social networks, companies had the power of control in the buying process and consumers had the rather limited means of obtaining purchasing and product information. This was done usually either by advertisements, sales people and direct mail. All of which are rather obsolete in comparison to the strategies most companies are currently utilizing. Moreover, it is because of digital marketing that today’s consumer is thrust into the driver’s seat granting him or her more leverage and control.  Consumers today are more adept at multi-tasking across different channels—whether that may be answering emails in one moment, posting in social media in the next, browsing through a website and then flitting over to do uploads. Companies left by the times and who have not harnessed the reality of digital marketing’s potential are rendered defunct or will be trampled all over their respective competitors. Today, a primary and necessary selling factor most companies should possess is immediacy and this is very much possible with digital marketing. Potential consumers want to be offered a wealth of information from a salad of formats. Email alone will not suffice, neither will a Facebook presence do much for sales and inbound marketing efforts alone will only get you so far. Staying viable with consumers would mean simultaneously offering consistent information across all marketing channels. This not only makes you seen but relevant as well. This article aims to give its readers a brief summation on how to stay on top of the digital marketing game and how to be a competitive digital marketer. It will walk you through different techniques and strategies.


Owing to new online and social marketing techniques, traditional lead generation continues to evolve. This is why savvy and smart marketers are finding new ways to reach their potential consumers and get heard through the noise, not get buried in it. Being found is one of the important strategic aspects a marketer must focus on coupled with enduring relationships with their consumers. This transformed marketing is a new way to generate leads. A solid lead generation strategy helps establish trust and captures interest during the self-education process, while long before the consumer contacts sales. This is why this strategy needs you to be a present in all places at once regardless of where your buyer might seek information: SEO, email, blogging content, direct mail, social media and etc. This can help your sales teams spend more time selling and less time with administrative tasks and prospecting as you are giving them well-qualified leads.


Constantly providing pieces of relevant, valuable, un-gated and information-rich content will help your consumers see you as an expert on the topics that are of interest to them. This same high quality content will help you establish and foster trust and authority so that when they reach gated content, they will be more than willing to exchange their email addresses and phone numbers for additional insight.


Catching the big fish does not end in hooking him over and having what used to be your prospect as a customer. Keep this particular customer happy and committed with useful information. With this, your client will be a lot more pleased. Moreover, the happier your clients will be, the higher the chances will be of them referring your organization to others. The technique is to never stop communicating. Fact is, you should be inundating your clients with content, incessantly provide a steady stream of information to keep your relationship with your clients strong.


When you innovate, creativity is the most important aspect that will make your business/campaign/organization to stand out when you and a competitor have a similar product and use roughly the same SEO techniques. New trends should be established and outdated trends should be abolished or updated, so change them accordingly. Focusing on getting traffic would not necessarily translate to converting this same traffic into customers. Always keep in mind that up to date; effective SEO leads to extraordinary user experience and optimum website performance.


Social media platforms are gateways to information and would serve as hangout pools for potential buyers and consumers as this is where a majority of them lurk. This is why you should choose social marketing tactics that are right for you. Engage your customers and socialize! This is more than just a simple channel or a tactic; it is a strategy that should have a presence in every marketing aspect. So bear in mind to include the most relevant social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. In this way, you cover more expansive ground and reach more potential consumers.


Most marketing strategies work because they were well thought of and were conceptualized through a sound plan and the same goes for digital marketing. In order for one to be a successful digital marketer, one must have a plan. Skipping this planning process altogether and implementing it too quickly is a surefire way to fail. Take a step back before implementation, audit your programs, check your content and make sure they are great then you can layout a blueprint for a successful strategy. If done well, this will give you insight on which trends are still viable for use and which ones are outdated.

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