Google+ Marketing: Top Google+ Community Tips For Brands


Google+ Community is a great venue to increase awareness, promote products or services and basically build a brand’s reputation. From using it as a center for customer service to maximizing its potential through different content marketing strategies, it is an excellent tool to connect to the audience and boost user engagement to the page or website.

What Are The Top Google + Communities Tips For Brands

Find out how you can manage Google+ Community to create an effective social and digital marketing campaign for your business. Here are seven tips to show you how.

1. Respond. The platform offers big opportunities to converse with your customers and followers. Hence, find time to check the notifications, see what the people are talking about and respond accordingly. Show appreciation for your shared articles. Reply to direct inquiries and tags. Listen to the conversations and reach out as needed.

2. Make use of hashtags and mentions. Just like how you tag on events and pages, do the same on communities. Mention related brands and industry leaders based on the post you share. Be careful not to make it spammy though or it can result to negative impressions. Make it easy for users to search for specific topics by applying hashtags on your posts and categorizing them appropriately.

3. Interact with other communities. Search for related platforms that are relevant to your business. Make sure that they are active and that you can join the discussions.

4. Take advantage of ripples. A ripple is a Google+ feature that shows who has publicly shared your link or post. It comes along with some helpful statistics too. Maximize the data you’ll get from there by looking through your biggest influencers and tapping into them later on.

5. Be active. Share engaging and viral content on a regular basis. Focus on those that would drive higher engagement or would generate discussions so that a lot of users can participate actively. Be diverse yet interesting. Show unique insights and expertise to capture the interest of the public.

6. Have a great moderator team. It’s all about finding a group of people who can moderate well across all platforms. Spam, off-topic and inappropriate articles are something that cannot be avoided in groups like this but if you have a team who can cover the moderation, you’ll have a perfect venue suited for organized and likeminded individuals. Assign one person to take care of the platform reminders and do the warning and deletion of unrelated posts. The other can be in charge of the participants’ comments and questions. Then the third guy can grow your fanbase so that it’s easier to reach out to a wider or broader audience.

7. Have a policy up. Be clear with your guidelines so that the spammers would know they are not welcome.

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