Google+ Marketing: Four Tips To Posting Killer Content On Google+ Pages


Google Plus is an ideal social network to establish your credibility and market your brand. There is Google+ Communities where you can build your reputation as an industry leader. There are Google+ Hangouts and Google+ Events to engage your followers and communicate with them more. And then there is Google+ Pages to promote your products and services.

How To Post Killer Content On Google+ Pages

Attract the public with killer content. Here are some techniques to keep them coming back to your page.

1.  Make them visual. The trick on making your posts stand out is to share a wide variety of photos. It has got to have a viral element on it. It can also an inside scoop, behind-the-scene pictures or exclusive videos that your current following will enjoy looking at and sharing to their families and friends. For instance, let’s say you will be launching a new product and you have created a teaser write-up on your blog. Design an eye-catching graphic as a sneak peek and have it manually uploaded on Google+ as opposed to simply posting the blog URL and showing a small thumbnail image. In this way, the readers will be visually stimulated to open the link on the description.

2.  Take advantage of hashtags and mentions. Hashtags group similar posts and topics for easier tracking. It is one of the most effective ways to get your message across over a broader audience. Suppose you have an article on your website about the latest digital marketing facts and figures. You have created an infographic about it too. Do not forget to include #digitalmarketing on its description so that everyone who is looking for the related topic can easily find your post. Mentions on the other hand works in the same way like Tagging in Facebook. Its purpose is to let the person or business know that you have mentioned them on your Google+ page. The only difference is that instead of @[their name] for Facebook, you’ll apply +[their name] in Plus. So if you have invited an influencial blogger to do reverse guest blogging on your weblog, this is a good time to mention him or her when you share the URL on your Google+ page.

3.  Emphasize your statements.

  • Use formatting to highlight important terms.

To make it bold-faced, add asterisk around the text.

           *Optimind Digital* becomes Optimind Digital

To convert it to italic, try underscores.

           _Optimind Digital_ becomes Optimind Digital

To strike the words through, apply dash before and after the text.

           -Optimind Digital- becomes Optimind Digital

  • Create compelling titles.
  • Use longer status updates. Google+ allows up to 100,000 characters. Make them meaningful and informative.

4.  Diversify content. Do not be limited to just sharing the recent updates from your website. Dig your archives and post your best articles in the past. Publish exclusives like link to a whitepaper or free e-book for easy download.

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