Google+ Marketing: Five Ideas To Using Google+ Hangouts For Businesses


Google+ Hangouts take video chatting to a whole new level. It is an integration of video/screen sharing and messaging with the ability to edit Google documents and slides in real-time. It is like having an interactive platform for a hangout on the web. It can be with a group of people (up to nine users per session) or it can be done in live broadcast for a wider audience to see and hear. Needless to say, it has evolved into a necessary tool to both individuals and businesses alike.


How To Use Google+ Hangouts For Businesses

The power of connecting people using Google+ Hangouts is one of the biggest benefits used by brands.  Everything is easier and simpler, with just a click of the mouse. The best of it all… it’s free!

Learn how internet marketing agencies or any other company for that matter utilizes this feature nowadays. Here are some ideas to show you how.

1.  Meetings. Be it an internal meeting with your employees, a client online appointment from overseas or an interview with prospects, using hangouts is a fantastic way to communicate with each other. You never have to leave the office and brave the traffic. You get immediate feedback from the clients for the critical items that need urgent attention. Coordinate with your team from different parts of the world and discuss ongoing tasks and changes. Stay in touch with those who work at home or at the field and do some brainstorming sessions. Use this opportunity to talk to possible new hires without any hassle. Be it weekly or monthly chats, it makes it extremely easy to go over each project or decide which applicant is best to join your company.

2.  Product demos and tutorials. Suppose you have just launched a new product targeting a specific audience. Offer free demonstrations to customers so they will be informed of how it is being used. The fact that you are personally showing how it works “face-to-face” makes it a powerful tool to catch the interest of your viewers. Make the moment ultra-educational.

3.  Trainings and webinars. Conduct an online training to improve the skills of your employees around the globe. Offer theme-based seminars to gain more prospective clients. Choose to host a simple webinar via Hangouts On Air straight from your laptop.

4.  Q & A events. Gather the influencers in your field and have them participate in a Q&A assembly. For instance, invite digital marketing experts and ask questions about the hottest trends, news and issues in the industry. Do it regularly so you’ll establish authority as more and more users will look forward to checking out your show.

5.  Technical Support. Take this time to answer customer inquiries about your brand, products and services. Use this chance to build their trust as you assist them in real-time. It is an innovative way to address issues and complaints as if you are literally talking to them in person.

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