How to Foster a Good Corporate Environment

“Organizations with strong learning culture have 37 percent greater employee productivity.” – Bersin & Associates’ 2010 study High Impact Learning Culture.

A company’s working environment is never just a place. While it’s defined as the area where one gets to work on finishing tasks, a real and healthy one is more personal than what you think.

Employers who realize the importance of allowing their workers a certain amount of mobility and freedom in designing their workspaces eventually see a change in their men’s productivity.  With the ability to accessorize their desks, employees feel more at home and convenient working on it.

Today, we’ve compiled proven-effective strategies from business experts on how to foster a good corporate environment that employees will want to work.  Browse through the list.

Let employees personalize their desks.

The idea of keeping a minimalist and uniform desk appearance may sound like an efficient way to organize and keep the workers’ productivity up.  Unfortunately, this has long been proven to have the opposite, negative effect on many industries that require constant creativity at work.

Letting the employees decorate their individual desk by putting accessories like figurines and colorful post-its encourages a sense of ownership. They feel responsible for that specific area so as the work that is done in there. More importantly, this breaks off the dull, office monotony which is a notorious creativity killer.

Encourage mobility through activities.

“Having the freedom of mobility leads to better thinking,” says Prentice Howe, president and executive creative director of Door Number 3.

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, a copywriting company or any creative ventures, having employees tied to their desks for long hours isn’t healthy for creativity. Organize random office activities now and then to get everyone off their tables. Even the simple activities like having snacks or lunch together is already a good start.

Practice Gratitude.

Saying ‘thank you’ may seem like a minor thing. However, it gives off good vibes and encouragement that helps motivates employees.  Practice saying a word of gratitude in every favor you receive from colleagues at work.

Invest on a fresh interior design.

By healthy, we mean an interior that has enough space for movement, accessories that are not distracting to the eyes and furniture that are practical and useful. A good way to start would be to put out some plants on office corners.

Find comfortable, adjustable chairs and invest on proper lighting to prevent eye strain.

Find time for a one-on-one evaluation.

With most of the work now happening online, it could be difficult to find a chance to talk personally with employees on a regular basis. Experts suggest that to foster transparency within the company, investing time on one-on-one evaluation helps owners get a better view of the workers’ individual concerns that they may not be able to express on written or online correspondence.

Besides, personal and human interaction is always better compared to electronic ones.

Avoid overworking your employees.

There are times when rendering overtime work is vital to finish a project on time. However, it’s also important to consider the fact that there’s a limit to how much work a person is capable of doing in a day. Once the limit is reached, you can’t expect one to deliver the same high-quality output.

Overworking is a bad corporate practice. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why employees quit their job. Rather than risk losing a valuable personnel on your team due to constant over time, it’s way better to outsource and delegate the work to other workers.

Have time to brainstorm and share.

There could be people in your company who are paid to do the planning, but this shouldn’t stop you from asking employees for their ideas. Besides, encouraging workers to share their inputs on particular projects makes them active participants.

Brainstorming boosts their self-esteem in being more open to sharing their creative ideas with the rest of the team.

Give due credits.

Whether it’s a word of congratulations or a simple, encouraging tap on the back, giving appreciation is an effective way to motivate any employee. When someone excels in an assigned task, do not hesitate to give him or her some credit. They deserve it.

Giving due credit is one effective way of recognizing the efforts of the workers. They might not say it, but it makes them feel important, which is a real boost to one’s ego.

Doing the opposite, which is to ignore their efforts could create an adverse impact as this would make them feel like they’re not given importance in the company despite the amount of work they put to help finish various projects.

Set up a relaxation nook.

While 8-9 hours is the normal working duration for most companies, this doesn’t mean that you should force all your employees to stay glued to their seat. Rest is an important part of gaining back the lost energy after few hours of working straight.

Experts suggest companies to invest in setting up a specific part in the office where employees could relax now and then.

This is echoed in the statement of the assistant professor of management at Virginia Commonwealth University, Allison Gabriel saying, “When you are constantly draining your resources, you are not being as productive as you can be. If you get depleted, we see performance decline. You’re able to persist less and have trouble solving tasks.”

Give your employees time to relax by setting up a comfortable nook!

Give employees a good opportunity to grow.

Workers may not say it out loud, but career growth is just as vital as a good office desk. Employees want to see that they’re learning something from what they do even if it seemed like a routine job. Companies who want to keep the good guys on board have to consider the opportunities they give for their workers.

Aside from giving them due credit and even salary increases, employers have to make sure that their manpower’s skills are also honed and nurtured to keep them sharp and competent.

One secret to successful companies is hiring good guys on their team. This means getting those who have the skills and attitude to do their job well. Keeping these competent employees, however, is an entirely different matter.

If you feel like your people are not getting the optimal environment to encourage productivity, then do take time to try out some of the things we have on this list. Value the people on their team and give them the best and unique working space they deserve!


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