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Top 3 Reasons why you should market on Facebook

1. Facebook is the new TV

google's study on social media and tv

Studies from eDigitalResearch, Red Bee Media/Decipher, Verizon/Harris Interactive and Deloitte reveal that around 80% of people who are watching TV are doing something else on their laptops, tablets or smartphones. Hence, the term “second-screen”. Visiting a social network is among the top 3 activities¬†according to a Nielsen report.

2. Brand building on steroids

Facebook is interactive. Unlike TV commercials, print ads or brochures, Facebook allows your customers to interact with your brand.

Below is a facebook application we developed for Starcomm Mediavest Philippines / Samsung Mobile Philippines. The app was used to promote the Samsung Galaxy Grand. The application generates an image with a photo of the tagged friend. Since friends were tagged, Samsung automatically gets free impressions from 3 different social networks.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand is the 4th iteration of Samsung wishlist concept that we’ve developed. ¬†Below is a screenshot of their Christmas wishlist which is ran every Christmas.

facebook application samsung christmas wishlist

For more Facebook application samples, you may visit http://www.myoptimind.com/facebook-application-development-service-philippines/

3. Targeted advertisements

In facebook, your ads can be targeted to specific demographics: gender, age, location, interests, relationship status, etc. If you’re product is for teen girls, your ads can be shown to Female with ages between 13 to 19.

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