Content Marketing Trends to Look Out for this 2017!

The year is ending, but the tight competition in the marketing arena is already predicted to start a new trend this 2017.

Trends come and go, and strategies that have generated favorable results in the past may not necessarily have the same impact for the coming years. Thanks to the ever-dynamic market behavior. These changes both bring good and bad news to different ventures.

To some, new trends could open to new opportunities for repurposing their brand message. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who have enjoyed the success of their current techniques may find it quite a headache to think once again of methods that would guarantee an optimum response from their target market.

Many experts are making guesses for the next big hit in the marketing industry, and the following trends are among the most famous predictions.

Tapping the industry influencers

There are several ways on how to advertise, and over the years, various strategies have been developed to aid digital marketers in the pursuit in gathering more attention from their target market. Among the most efficient one is tapping the assistance of influencers. They are prominent people who have a stellar reputation in a certain field.

Icons such as entertainment personalities, national athletes, and company owners belong to this group. This 2017, experts see an, even more, increase the number of businesses who choose to involve famous stars in their marketing efforts. Not only are they highly recognizable. Their reputation could also help build up a company’s reputation.

The ‘Why VS. What’ of your marketing strategy

A lot of the existing marketing strategy is highly focused on the message and the specific features they wish to highlight for their marketing materials. This results in promotional approach that is more product-centered.

This is bound to change for the coming year. Instead of purely focusing on the ‘what’ of a product or service, digital marketers now see the need to address the ‘why’ of their strategies too. By identifying the primary motivation for their efforts, it becomes easier to assess whether or not their approach is directly in line with what their market desires. Why gives them more options to pattern strategies according to what would work best for their market.

Videos and more visuals

We’ve seen the rise of video and image usage this year. Company websites and even personal blogs are now putting more attention on making their content more mobile-friendly and captivating through animated information and quality images. With tools such as Snapchat and Instagram, experts predict that a more fierce battle when it comes to providing the best videos and pictures is set to happen in the coming year.

Increase of Snapchat usage in video marketing

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are still vital tools in sharing videos. However, they’re no longer the sole player on the field. Snapchat is showing an enormous potential on being the next big deal in 2017 (possibly beyond) regarding video sharing.

Statistics has shown that among all types of content shared online, videos tend to reach the most people. This can be attributed to the fact that they can display concise information in a few seconds while at the same time entertaining the viewers with creative visuals.

Enhanced focus on the workflow of a content strategy

Many marketing tactics have failed because of the failure to oversee the overall picture as it happens. While initial planning plays a crucial role to jump-start any content plan, it’s just the first step. With the dynamic environment online, digital marketers need to constantly see to it that the specifics of their plan are well executed all the way.

Changes can happen anytime, and one drastic change has the potential of affecting a huge part of one’s entire strategy. Lots of marketers have learned a lesson on this the hard way. Next year is predicted to have more marketers who pay extra focus on the management part of their promotional strategies.

Content technology usage

The usage of advanced tools to assist any marketing efforts is no longer just limited to software that can be used via desktop. Now, several important mobile apps are also used to help in the process of tracking and monitoring of your site’s SEO performance.

This coming year, the industry is expected to see an increase in the usage of these tools given the growing number of apps being released for marketing purposes.

Increased personalization

Lastly, the coming year will see a visible change into strategies that are more personalized in appeal. Instead of appealing to a wide market, campaigns will more focus on narrowing down the profile of their customers and creating ads that will fit the group’s direct preference.

Customization is nothing new. In fact, many internet marketing agencies are spending a considerable amount of resource just to add a touch of personality on their campaigns. Apparently, the existing trend just isn’t enough. Customers need something that feels closer – one thing that a lot of digital strategists at present are already working on.

Digital marketing is an open-ended competition. As long as new tools are introduced to allow netizens to share content, there is always room for enhancing a company’s existing strategy. Whether you’ve been in the industry long enough to understand the risks and benefits of online marketing or just starting up with your business, learning the tools and methods that make messages appeal to people is important.

The predictions mentioned above remain theoretical, and there is no guarantee that all of them could work on whatever plan you’re setting up for you company next year. However, statistics and expert observations have revealed that they’re most likely the methods that would dominate 2017.

Whether you apply any of them to your marketing efforts or not depends highly on your priorities. Learn to assess the outcome of your running campaign and see if it’s improving the visibility and impact of your product to your prospect market. If not, perhaps it’s time to give some of the trendy strategies we mentioned above a try!

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