Blogging 101: Finding the Perfect Blog Name

In the article preceding this one entitled, “Coming up with Riveting Titles for Blogs”, we have extensively covered how to come up with interesting titles for your blog articles, and elaborately detailed each strategy to give your article that titular signature it surely deserves. However, if you are any self-respecting, renowned and competent online marketing agency, it is common knowledge that the challenge does not stop there. In fact, giving your articles worthy names and quirky headers is just the prelude to a much more fascinating, albeit dauntingly challenging, task.

See, brainstorming for a blog name is vastly different from coming up with a compelling article title. The former denotes the entirety of your blog while the latter encompasses the pivotal points of your article. Coming up with a blog name denotes theme innovation that is in congruence with all your posts. On the other hand, crafting an article title means baptizing your masterpiece with a name that fits. In comparison, coming up with a blog name is a lot more difficult than creating an article or blog title.

Giving your blog a worthy name and one that is worth remembering is a daunting task mainly because you do not want to be changing blog names every now and then. Definitely, you want your readers to be able to easily find you. This will hardly be possible if you keep on changing blog names. Apart from that, you would also want a blog name that sticks, that makes a statement, that defines your blog as a whole and is consistent with your recurring theme.

Now, you want your blog name to be catchy, easy to remember and spell, and relate to you somehow. You do not want to run the risk of having a similar name to several other blog names. You want to stand out and you want your visitors to make sure they will take note of your blog name.

Blog name creation may entail diverse processes which would usually depend on the individual persons running it. Some may opt to throw in a bunch of words and pick two or three of the best sounding ones that would fit their theme while others might be more selective in doing so. However, if you are in the process of choosing to label your blog domain, this article aims to aid you in the various ways you can come up with impactful names.


Pre-naming your Blog

Wordsmith, wordplay, and wordcraft are no easy feats. So before you jump into this, it would be very well your worth to take a moment to contemplate about just what your blog name is going to represent, what ideals it should embody and what significance it would have on your brand or company. Consider these three questions for a head start:

*What will your blog be about?

* Who is your target audience?

*Will your brand be surrounded around your blog name?

Keep these three questions in mind before you go into crafting a blog name. Take note, coming up with an irrelevant blog name is the ultimate faux pas and would not do you any favors. You cannot risk having a quirky sounding blog name only to have seriously toned blogs or vice versa. Always remember to stay consistent with the theme you have come up with. Make sure that it is also consistent with your brand values.

1.)  Treat thesaurus as your friend

Imagine all the words you can discover all through the search for a better word. There is something so infinitely intriguing about flicking a few pages, or pressing shift F7 next to a word in order to encounter more appropriate, interesting and better sounding words. Let the thesaurus be your guide; let it be your muse! It holds a million words than can be said in a million other ways. What a good way to start!

 2.)  Look at books and find inspiration there

This seems self-explanatory after all. Books hold the most powerful literary prowess in the world. When creating something that sticks and holds reader-value, take a leaf out of the world’s greatest authors. You can also use your favorite literature as inspiration. There are billions and billions of books out there teeming with beautiful and musical sounding words. This includes all the other languages as well. When you do this, it would not take you long to find an appropriate name for your blog.

 3.)  Give your blog name a touch of humor

Unless absolutely called for, you do not want to appear stiff and boring to your readers. Nothing will make you stiffer and more boring to potential readers than giving your blog a name that is both bland and plain. At least give it a little personality. Remember, your audience is more likely visit your blog again. If the tone of your blog name is fun, fresh and witty then, there is absolutely nothing to lose and is worth giving a shot.

4.)  Consider a different language

This will give your blog domain not only a personal touch, but a unique one as well. There is just something so outwardly beautiful about using a different language and have it incorporated into your blog name. If you are looking for a more diverse and saturated market, this is one way of achieving that and getting attention drawn to yourself. Choose something short and with a few syllables as this will help to keep your blog name easy to remember and pronounce.

Caveat: Make sure you do get the correct translation for your blog name, or you would look ridiculous to your readers who do understand the language you were trying to use.

 5.)  Engage in wordplay

More often than not, you may have already come up with the most ideal and perfect blog name only to find out several seconds later that it is already registered somewhere on the net. This is frustrating and off-putting. However, instead of scrapping that name, try using Panabee instead or other domain naming tools for that matter. Panabee will help you keep the original idea you had by giving you suggestions that are closely related to your first choice. Aside from this, it will give you alternative names to the initial blog name you had in mind, giving you more options to choose from!

After you have found the perfect name for your blog, have it checked first if it is registered in any domain. After which, you can start writing articles to your heart’s content.

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