AMP Development

Speed continues to define user experience, and those who lag behind will suffer. We deploy accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for your website to make your mobile pages lightning fast. We boost your mobile ranking.

Lightning fast mobile-friendly website realized

Optimind Digital can transform your website into a fast, fully loadable website your target audience can seamlessly browse and explore on their mobile devices. Did you know that a user will abandon a website that takes more than 5 seconds to load?

How AMP development benefits your business

Eliminate high bounce rates because users can

  • Access the pages quickly
  • Find information immediately

Boost engagement at the pages level through

  • Delivering the right content at the right time
  • Making content available 24/7

Improve site performance by means of

  • Higher ranking on search engine results pages
  • Higher volumes of convert-ready traffic

Not to mention, the minimized data cost hence the users can explore your AMP-powered website more anytime, anywhere.


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