6 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Passive Marketer

If you often find yourself wanting to do something but never have done anything or waiting for someone to give you a ‘push’ just for you to act, then you are gradually becoming passive. Being passive is one of the issues that people usually faced. In fact, it became a behavioral problem wherein people tend to perform or do something only when they feel like doing it. These people don’t have enough determination to accomplish a particular thing.

Anyone can be passive in anything they do. However, if you are a marketer working in a digital marketing agency or doing freelance works, being passive is detrimental not just to your productivity and performance, but to your overall trustworthiness. Passivity is a critical path where it creates mistrust and takes away your credibility. Basically, if you want to make a good impression to your fellow digital marketers and to your target audience and clientèle, being passive is not what you want them to label you.

Unfortunately, we cannot deny the possibility of becoming passive in the future or even just within the day. But, we can avoid it. Good news, isn’t it? For marketers, it is important for you to know how not to be passive since it is also crucial to your work. Here’s how to avoid becoming a passive digital marketer.

1.  Take care of the little tasks

Sometimes, we have this misconception that we need to accomplish the important tasks first than the not-so-important ones. The reason behind is we think that the most important tasks are difficult thus these must be finished first. With that, we tend to take the not-so-important tasks for granted. Not taking care of the little things or tasks that needs to be done, however, can also be risky. It is risky in a way that the not-so-important tasks are piled up and would overload our work.

Although there are certain task that needs that we need to prioritize as a marketer, you have to treat all your tasks equally and come up with the best output. In this way, the small task will never going to be a burden to your workload. You can proceed with the other tasks that you also need to accomplish. Treating your task equally will help you achieve the desired outcome.

2.  Give input

Giving inputs to your target audience can help lessen your passiveness when it comes to your work. This often gives you the opportunity to do something since you tend to focus on the idea of informing, entertaining, educating your audience and other such purposes. Giving your audience what they deserve comes first before anything else. With that, there is no room for slacking off and thus finishing the things that you need to do.

Moreover, when you see good results that your inputs have made, it gives you an encouragement to come up with another great idea for your next input. You will be surprised how often this works. You are simply doing your work without being passive.

3.  Figure out their preferences

One of the duties of a marketer is to know their target audience’s preferences. Since every target audience have their own opinion on how they want you to treat them, it is a must for you to consider their side. For instance, if they want you to come up with a new strategy that would help them on a certain thing, it is your responsibility to know every single detail of that strategy so you will not disappoint them.

This is also the perfect time to build rapport between you and your target audience. Since you want to know what their preferences are, interacting with them is inevitable. Moreover, knowing their preference will give you the opportunity to think and come up with new and fresh ideas that your target audience may utilize to their advantage. Eventually, your target audience would engage more in your business because you know how to approach them and listen to their voice.

4.  Get feedback

We may get hurt when we hear bad feedbacks from our target audience. These feedbacks could be on how they are disappointed on the services that you have given to them, on how you treat them with lack of interests, on how incompetent your staff is, etc. These things can hurt us. However, as a marketer you have to know that these opinions albeit hurtful is where we find our weakness and try to change things right.

5.  Take advantage of the technology

Working with your personal computer, smartphones, iPads and/or other gadgets is a part of the daily routine of every digital marketer. Oftentimes, we won’t be able to accomplish our task without the help of these technologies. What’s good with these technologies is that you can have the chance to connect with other people especially with your target audience. Notably, you have to make use of these technologies efficiently.

Even with the availability of these technologies, if we still lack the determination to accomplish a particular task, it is still a waste of time. The technology is just there to help us in accomplishing the tasks in a quicker and more convenient way.

6.  Have some time for a break

One of the reasons why some marketers tend to be passive during the day is when they have so many things to do yet they don’t know which of their task must be done first. Sometimes, all you have to do is to take a short break to organize your thoughts on the things that must be put on your priority list.

Do devote some of your time for a break. It also doesn’t mean that you are putting off your work just because you are having a break, but because definitely need one.  Looking outside the office, getting some fresh air, having a little chat or even having a little moment for yourself can help you loosen things up.

There’s a caveat though. Taking too much of your time for a break can also put off your work. You need to make sure that you are just taking a short break and you can immediately go back to your normal work routine.

Changing the things that we are used to doing especially when it comes to our daily work routine is definitely not easy. However, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. The first thing that you need to know is to know your current working status – active or passive. Through this, you would know what needs changing. We can be all a better marketer if we will get to know ourselves more.

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