5 Ways to Deal with a Toxic Co-Worker

Dealing with people every single day is a challenge – how much more dealing with toxic people? Whether you like it or not, toxic people are everywhere. They can even be your workmates who are compulsive liars, sociopaths, gossipers, narcissists and simply seem to love chaos. In other words, they simply defy logic. Toxic people are unaware of the negative impact they can give to those around them. In addition, if you are not careful, you may not survive working around them.

There are already studies have shown that toxic people give a long lasting negative impact on our brain. The more you expose yourself to these kinds of people, the more drained you are. Obviously, this will affect your productivity at work. You will lose the ability to focus on the tasks, which lead you to miss important deadlines. How much more when you work in a competitive and demanding working environment such as  online marketing agency? This is the perfect way to end your career – but I bet, you will not!

Although dealing these people can be challenging, not to mention that it is a waste of time, you can definitely handle them effectively. With the right approach, you would realize that you could control what you can and eliminate what you cannot. The most important thing is that you are in control of the situations and avoid negative vibes in your working place.

The Hot Mess

Obviously, nobody wants to see someone on your team struggling. But whether you like it or not, there will always be this person who tends to depend on his or her teammates. They can be incompetent sometimes, erratic, passive and unreliable. Instead of focusing one’s task, you tend to switch your attention to the person who needs help. Yes, helping one another is one thing that can make the work faster. However, a constant appealing for help is also not a good sign of a productive employee. Moreover, it can drag the team’s pace in accomplishing their respective tasks.

Instead of spoon-feeding on what to do, offer an extra training on how to make their work faster. Perhaps, you can give them simple yet effective tips or guides to improve their working routine. Moreover, giving some encouragements can also boost their self-esteem, which is also helpful with the productivity at work.

The Slacker

Slacking off at work is one of the enemies of a productive employee. These people tend to find ways on how they can avoid pressure on the tasks they are handling. Just like the hot mess, they tend to drag down everybody else’s time, energy, and enthusiasm. They do not seem to care and interested in accomplishing one’s tasks. Instead of aiming to make their task done, they tend to do some other things that can make them satisfied. They are the people, who have low motivation in doing their job as an employee, they do not care about the deadlines, they also do not observe time management. And of course, they tend to be absent to get away with their work.

Whether you realize it or not, there will always be reasons behind why an employee lose his or her motivation to work. Perhaps, there are no encouragements from their team leader, or too much workload but do not have enough time to accomplish such tasks. That means you have to know the reason behind such attitude for you to understand that particular employee. Moreover, provide them a clear and attainable expectation that they might be willing to strive more just to achieve the goal. And of course, don’t forget to give some recognition and reward effort whenever they do a great job.

The Martyr

Employees who are martyr are the total opposite of the slacker. They can be the employer’s dream. However, an employee who tends to insist on doing all tasks by themselves can also make a serious problem. They usually want to let everybody know and prove to them that he or she can do all the things without any of their help. Also, these employees work too hard and do not know their limits. And because they are too burnout at work, then tend to complain often. They usually come to work even if they are sick and infect everyone else.

You can deal with martyr employees by delegating tasks on a specific employee. Make sure that they have a specific task to focus and work on. To avoid being burnout, introduce stress management measure that they might know how to balance their work and life. Most importantly, foster a collaborative rather than competitive working place. With this method, employees who used to be martyrs would not feel tense or burdened with their respective tasks.

The Socialite

As an employee, you should know that there would always be a separation between your personal life and your working life. If you are the happy-go-lucky person who just want to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, then you have to treat your work differently. Yes, having fun and fellowship with your co-workers are encourage. However, socialite people tend to take things too far. They are usually loud and distracting, they lack focus on their specific task, and they tend to be immature when it comes to confrontations regarding their work.

When it comes to work, there should be an attitude of professionalism. That means, there should be a regular redirection of the office or working policy – that includes definitely social times and activities for staff, and always be clear about the appropriate behavior during working hours. Moreover, there should also be harnessing of communication skills to ensure that an employee is not just loud, but they talk with sense.

The Sociopath

Dealing sociopath employees is not just challenging, but it can also be frustrating. Generally, sociopath people have the tendencies to leave a negative and destructive trail wherever they go. These employees usually have a bullying behavior that can ruin the relationship between co-workers. Moreover, they also tend to disregard any office policies, and usually have issues with the authority. They tend to complain to whatever tasks that are given to them. In addition, they manipulate other employees and sabotage them whenever they feel like it. Provoking these kinds of people can be your worst nightmare in your working career.

Although this might sound challenging, but you can deal with sociopath employees by providing a safe and supportive environment where they can feel they belong to a company. Of course, there are also reasons as to why to behave with such attitude. That is why you have to take their complaints seriously and enforce strict anti-bullying policies in the working place.

When coping with toxic people, there must be a full consideration. Anticipate that they might be dealing hardships in life, which results in having an undesirable attitude towards their work. Moreover, try to help them in a way that they can change their old and bad routine in life. Who knows, you might be the right person who can help them for the better.

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