5 Things Every Digital Marketer Must DO

There are A LOT of digital marketers nowadays. You can be one of those aspiring to work in a digital marketing agency, but you have to learn lots of things to be a successful digital marketer. The next thing you know? Your world now revolves around internet marketing.


A digital marketer’s job can be very demanding. The learning process itself is one of the most demanding aspects of the job. There are so many things to learn, so little time, you may realize in the end. Fret not because I intend to help you make the learning curve easier for you. Perhaps, you should familiarize yourself with these things first.

1) Know the digital marketing lingo

As a digital marketer, you have to expect that there will be numerous jargons used in digital marketing. You will meet new words that you need to know the meaning for you to understand its context. Not just the jargons, but you also have to learn about important abbreviations.

Learning the digital marketing lingo is very important. There will always be risks of failing to familiarize yourself with these jargons and abbreviations. For instance, if a person asks what does ‘white hat SEO’ mean, you have to be keen in answering it for you not to be embarrassed in front of that person. Can you honestly say that you don’t know the answer or bail out and excuse yourself out of the situation, which is more embarrassing, right?

When that times wherein you can consider yourself as an expert is when you talk about it in a normal conversation. Fundamentally, ordinary people will not understand what you are talking about, thinking you are too genius for a digital marketer.

2) Nurture your personal online presence

It is a must for a digital marketer to monitor the activities of the website that he or she is working on. You have to know the status of each website whether the traffic quality is increasing or decreasing. With that, you will know which part or aspect of the needs improvements.

Build connection and goodwill with the visitors of your website. Engage them socially as well. Send them private messages, thanking them for visiting or participating in the discussion on your website. You can reach them through their respective social media profiles or their email addresses.

Interact with influencers and other brands that are directly and indirectly related to your core business. This can also boost your authority.

3) Dabble in everything, specialized in something

Exploring things within the digital marketing  realm will give you distinct advantages. The digital marketing is a diverse place to be, and with various roles or careers that you can consider. Exploring and exposing yourself in these roles might give you the opportunity to get to know different career options that you might want to pursue in the future. You can also explore what interests you the most and try to focus on such.

Actively knowing each digital marketing career is not a bad thing, after all. It even give you an idea what the industry involves and how it works. But, of course, specializing in a particular role that you want to excel in will give you the utmost advantage.

4) Attend industry meet-ups and conferences

Attending digital marketing seminars or conferences is one of the things you need to do. There are things that you will within your agency, but there are also new learning that you can only learn outside the company. The value of such learning will be indispensable not just for you, but also for the agency that you are working for. The digital marketing industry is an ever-innovating industry, keeping with the updates, among others, is a must.

When you attend a conference, for instance, you will be to meet great speakers who are also expert in their respective fields of discipline. You will learn great insights and proven tactics on how to approach digital marketing successfully. The best part is you can enhance your skills and apply your learnings. So, don’t hesitate attending these events since it is also for your own benefit.

5) Digital marketers should have a goal in mind

You cannot do and finish your work without a goal in mind. The same goes for the digital marketers. For instance, you cannot please your audience socially when you don’t have a clear objective in mind.  Determining your digital marketing goals first will always have that impact on what you are trying to do and accomplish.

People will know what goals you have in mind by simply looking at your website. They can sense the sincerity based on how to deliver your message through the tone of your site, for instance. They will be able to tell whether you are just trying to win them for profits and not necessarily because you care for their wellbeing. That is, you just want them on your website and nothing else.

Having a goal in mind helps you do digital marketing successfully. Without clear goals, achieving what you want to accomplish will be impossible.

As a digital marketer, learning is a must. This is your key to doing and making your digital marketing a success. The learning curve is definitely steep, so it would be better to start learning somewhere somehow. These points noted above are just some of the things that you need to learn. This is your stepping stone. Good luck!

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