10 Sites to Visit If You Want to Learn More About Digital Marketing

Decades ago, direct selling seemed to be the best method for different local and international companies.  People appear to respond best when they are presented personally by a good offer that offers that are highly relevant to their personal needs.

This strategy still works today, but not as useful as how it was years ago considering the rise of digital marketing agency from different places. Now, companies have to shift their focus on addressing their clients’ needs online.

But even with basic digital marketing knowledge, one cannot simply win over a particular group by employing similar marketing stunt they used in traditional marketing. For startup businesses, the need to be informed on strategies and digital techniques in marketing is a must.

Today, we’ve compiled ten websites that offer the best resource for anyone who wish to beef up their skills in this field. Let’s start off with:


If it’s about creating marketing content that converts and builds a loyal audience, Copyblogger is an excellent go-to website. The articles are fun to read and packed with comprehensive and precise information copywriters will find very useful.

Moreover, being digital marketing themselves, authors of the site’s content write in accordance to their personal and professional experience in using the digital platform in reaching their audience. If your primary work is to create content, then Copyblogger is a must-know website.


Time management has always been a challenge to marketers both for the traditional and modern ones. Many professionals find it difficult to stay consistent in providing content for their target market, and this is what CoSchedule tries to resolve.

Their blog section offers helpful tips and facts on how to manage one’s content calendar better. They also provide free trial for their digital content calendar that is optimized to automatically post your content on the best times where people are likely to see your post.


I’ve never so far encountered a marketing topic I want to read about that isn’t covered by Hubspot. It’s a comprehensive blog that contains a broad range of helpful articles about content, digital marketing, and sales.


We all want some assurance that indeed our marketing strategy is working. KISSmetrics help you do just that. It provides practical information on tracking, analysis and optimization of your content.

If you’re so meticulous about stats and figures, this website will be a lovely companion.

Seth Godin

Aside from being a best-selling author, Seth Godin is also widely known as a skilled entrepreneur and marketer. His personal blog highly reflects his field of specialty and serves as an excellent alternative for those who want to trim down the bulk of information he has on his book into daily bits of learning resource.

You can visit his official blog at www.sethgodin.com

Gary Vaynerchuk

They say that learning is best acquired from a master, and regarding growing businesses, Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best mentors. He runs a personal blog that centers on business, social media, and all things related.

His website also sports professional and easy-to-navigate pages, making it an excellent online reading resource both for desktop and mobile platforms.


If you’re one of those auditory learners who learn faster while listening, then going for podcasts is your best learning choice. Mixergy is a collection of podcasts from various experts in the field of business or entrepreneurship.

It’s hosted by Andrew Warner and features interviews from successful entrepreneurs across different industries. Aside from being an informative resource for real business mentors, it can also serve as an excellent motivational site for those planning to start their own.


If you’re eyeing for an actual online course, CreativeLive has you covered. It broadcast live classes that you can join anytime. Also, you have the option to re-watch lessons in case you missed some important points. With this website, you don’t have to attend actual marketing lessons to get a grip of the current industry trend. The timely topics covered in this site will help you stay up-to-date on the things that matter in the marketing field.

Social Media Examiner

When it comes to digital marketing, social media is part of the entire package. You can’t successfully market your goods without SM engagement, and just like any online platform, its usage also has its set of technicalities.

Social Media Examiner focuses on these complex technicalities and crafts content that helps readers understand it better. From tips on efficient SM optimization to secret hacks on boosting your SM presence, this website has you covered.

Content Marketing Institute

If it’s about reading the most recent marketing researchers commissioned by different organizations and individuals, this site gives you a full update. It helps you become more aware of trends, budget, and benchmarks that are shaping the digital marketing industry at present.

There are tons of informative articles you can find in this site and its known best for helping startups and experts create a more productive content marketing strategy both for short and long-term basis.

Getting into the reading habit

While you may love to visit all of these sites, it’s also true that you cannot spend all of your time reading their regular updates now and then. The key is to choose what avenue works for your needs best and getting into the habit of reading.

As a digital marketer, you are professionally obliged to offer quality content consistently for your readers. To do this, you must be willing to spend a significant time reading updated resources and researches to get a heads up on the changes or a major shift in your industry.

It all starts with the decision to read now. From there, you can work on building the habit.

Bottom line

There is no running away from digitalization and marketing based on this trend has become a must rather than optional. Sharpen your saw by maximizing the free resources you can find online!

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