10 Simple Ways to Boost Self-confidence

Developing high self-esteem has become more important in this active, digital age. In fact, its importance goes beyond just one’s personal relationship but also in one’s career.

Now, creative industries such as the digital marketing in the Philippines are looking for employees who are not just skilled in what they do but also possess self-confidence to share their thoughts and ideas to the team.

If you’re working on nurturing this skill, then these tips will come in handy.

Schedule regular exercise

It’s more than just about the ‘feel-good’ effect exercise brings to your body and mentality. Exercise has been linked to boosting one’s confidence too. As you get into the habit of warming up and moving your body, you also start to feel in control of your habits and schedule. This feeling is a precursor to feeling confident in all of your other activities.

 If you’re not used to exercising, a good way to start the habit would be to start on routines that you can do indoors.

Do one thing that makes you happy

It has been said that happiness is a choice. So what’s stopping you from experiencing it and choosing to feel the good vibes on your daily work? One can’t expect to be confident unless you know how to be happy.

A simple way to get started would be to think of a particular thing that makes you smile. It could be as simple as brewing coffee in the office or helping a colleague at work. The happier you feel, the more comfortable you become in tackling different tasks ahead.

Stay away from negativity

Whether we like it or not, negativity is everywhere. We don’t have direct control over our colleagues moods nor can we predict road accidents. Things that tip off our schedules and plans are notorious for pulling out that negative emotion in us, and this could tremendously affect the way we handle ourselves and deal with people.

Rather than succumb to the negative emotions brought about by these unpredictable factors, it’s best to counter them by looking at the positive things we can be thankful for on that day. You can’t control negativity, but you have full authority on how you deal with it.

Volunteer in community activities

Nurturing confidence demands that you to deal with people in one way or another. If you’re shy and feel quite intimidated in the presence of a lot of people, then why not try doing volunteer work? In this type of setup, you don’t have to be the center of attention.

Rather, you get the chance to interact with other volunteers. Interaction with other people trains you to become more confident as you start a conversation, lead a team and even join mini-groups to accomplish a certain task. Being in a group also gives you the feeling of fulfillment especially when you finish the assigned task successfully.

Say ‘No’

We get it. You don’t want a colleague to feel bad. But you should also consider your priorities first before anything else. While an invitation to a weekend getaway may seem like a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘no’ especially when you have prior family engagement scheduled on the same day.

It might feel uncomfortable at first, but your friends will most likely understand. Saying ‘yes’ at all times does not only sacrifice some of your planned works. It could also waste precious amount of your time especially if the event or activity is not at all that necessary. By mustering the courage to say ‘no’, you’re already boosting your confidence to prioritize things better.

Dress comfortably

Fashion is a tricky thing. It changes over time and is not necessarily applicable to everyone. There are types of clothing that look really well on others, but just doesn’t work on you. When choosing a clothes to wear on a special occasion or even on casual gathering with colleagues, it’s important to dress right for the occasion and also to consider your comfort.

No matter how stunning the clothing is, if you don’t feel well wearing it, your bearing will most likely be affected. Trust your own color wheel when choosing the right colors for shirts and jeans and prioritize your comfort first.

The more comfortable you are on the clothing, the more confident you will be.

Do what you fear every now and then

We all have our fears and they can’t be taken lightly. But there are certain kinds of fears that can be efficiently countered by facing them here and there.

They don’t necessarily harm you in any way, but the thought of fearing them usually takes precedence, which makes it feel more scary. If you fear dark places for instance, try sleeping in your room with the lights off. If it feels too much, you can play a relaxing music to break the unbearable silence amidst the dark.

Sooner than later, you will learn that most of these fears can be conquered. The more successful you are in countering your fear, the better it is for your confidence.

Cut yourself some slack

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s fine to set some expectations, but remember that you’re not perfect. Learn to forgive yourself when you commit and mistake and don’t punish yourself too much. The most important thing is to be able to recognize your mistake and learn from it.

Holding yourself too tight only makes you feel strained – something which isn’t good for your self-confidence.

Continue learning

Enhancing one’s knowledge about something gives a special boost to one’s confidence. The more you understand and know about a certain field of interest, the more you become confident in talking about it.

In a typical working setup, this helps you relate better with your coworkers and in turn boosts your self-esteem.

Practice daily gratitude

Lastly, get into the habit of giving thanks for all the things you’ve received. Instead of complaining over the things that ruin your day, it’s better to shift your mindset to something more positive. Think of all the things you can be thankful for and give gratitude. This, eventually rewires your brain and makes you more confident when it comes to facing your day ahead.

Just like any other skill, self-confidence can be learned. Work on it regularly and see the difference it makes in your daily relationships!

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