10 Office Habits that are Killing Your Creativity

“A lot of people forget how important it is to be creative. We get caught up in getting ahead and in day-to-day minutiae. But creativity is a fundamental mode of expression, as is being tenacious and standing by your own convictions and passions, even if it’s not the ‘popular’ choice.” – Tabatha Coffey

Creativity is not something that you can find anywhere or something you can buy. It is an innate quality that is found in most of us, and you alone can determine on how to hone it. When you are working in a competitive company such digital marketing agency Philippines, being creative in everything you do is a must do. Keep in mind that the success of your business would depend on how adequate you are on your work.

However, just like any distractions, some habits can ruin your productivity at work. You probably may not be aware of it, but you are doing it at times. Regardless of your task, it is important to know these killer habits that can ruin your creative thought process. To give you an idea, below are the top ten office practices that you should avoid.

1. Role Mismatch

“One source of frustration in the workplace is the frequent mismatch between what people must do and what people can do. When what they must do exceeds their capabilities, the result is anxiety. When what they must do falls short of their capabilities, the result is boredom. But when the match is just right, the results can be glorious. This is the essence of flow.” – Daniel H. Pink

Before you accept the task that is given to you, do not hesitate to ask what it is all about. This may be a managerial concern, but there are personal consequences when you do not make it clear. Know what you are capable of doing and associate it with your work.

2. External End-Goal Restriction

“There is no privilege in restriction. In other words, I disagree with people who say restriction makes you more creative. I think that’s a misleading slogan. I might have been more creative without them than with them.” – Asghar Farhadi

Keep in mind that creativity comes in different forms. You can have it through your personal experience, imagination, or even through the things around you. However, when your ideas are being boxed and restricted, then you might not use your creativity effectively, and this can greatly affect your productivity at work.

3. Strict Ratio of Resources

“The secret of concentration is the secret of self-discovery. You reach inside yourself to discover your personal resources, and what it takes to match them to the challenge.” – Arnold Palmer

Whether you realize it or not, money and physical resources are not the most important when it comes to creativity. Studies show that creative people re-conceptualize problems more often than a non-creative. That means, they usually look at a variety of solutions from some different angles, which of course requires time. That is why, if you want to bring out the most of your creative side, then avoid to unnecessary near-deadline work.

4. Lack of Social Diversity

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” – Malcolm Forbes

There’s nothing wrong when you are with your social group. However, it comes at a cost; you are likely to be less creative. One thing is for sure; you do not want to end up in a creative echo-chamber. You have to think independently to bring the best of your creative side.

5. Discouragement/No Positive Feedback

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” – Dale Carnegie

Psychological research shows that people who started a new undertaking are most likely to give up the first time whenever things are crashing down. On the other hand, creative people thrive on having others impacted by their ideas. That means, without any feedback or constructive criticism, their motivation begins to fade.

6. Stress

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” – Hans Selye

A little stress is good since it gets the blood pumping and it pushes you to do your best. However, when stress gets a little too much, then this can ruin your creative thinking. To prevent such, do things that can make you calm down. If you can not take the stress, then leave what you’re doing, close your eyes, take deep breaths and think about the things that inspire and motivates you.

7. Self-doubt

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare

All have experience doubting ourselves. Sometimes, we have a good idea, but we can’t just pull it of. Perhaps, you’ve been intimidated with your workmates, which gives you the reason not to try. But don’t! Give it a go and try anyway. If you do not do something, your creative thinking will end up getting stuck around what’s easy. Who knows? Your idea might be better than the others. Right?

8. Fear of Failure

“You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.” – Johnny Cash

Just like you, everybody experience failure. However, you must not dwell on the mistakes. Fear of failure is the enemy of success.You have to get up, try something new if the strategy you used does not work, and be better at it. Keep in mind that failure is the best teacher. Learn from your mistakes and avoid doing it again.

9. Apathy

“Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, and ideal, with takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite intelligible plan for carrying that ideal into practice.” – Arnold J Toynbee

Sometimes, you just don’t care about something that doesn’t matter to you. However, when you get interested in something, you give your best to achieve a better outcome. That is why always love your work. If you do, then your creativity will come flowing.

10. Ego

“Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.” – Marina Abramovic

Being confident is important to bring out the best of you. However, overconfident can be dangerous. You often stop thinking about how to do things differently and better. This often leads to procrastination and your creativity would become a little stagnant – you might not even realize it. Stay humble. It is in this way you can learn new skills and experience new ideas from the people around you.

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